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Green Festival Video

9 May

Special thanks to Martin Turner for putting together this video of the highly successful festival!


Constructing Games

4 Apr

AUIS Development Club members put together a number of fun carnival games this past Thursday. All of the games are created using recycled construction materials such as wooden palates and pvc pipe. These volunteer students will invite the festival crowd to join in the fun of playing their home-made games at the festival on April 20t

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28 Mar

Just a quick reminder that we’re accepting photos for the exhibition at the festival.  Send us your environmental photos on one of these three themes.

1. Environmental beauty in Iraq

2.Environmental problems in Iraq

3. Solutions to environmental problems in Iraq

Check out some of the photos we’ve already recieved:

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If you’re interested in some of the methods and resources of using photography in and as advocacy, the Blue Earth Alliance has some great information.

Ministry of Culture Meeting

28 Jan

A number of festival organizers had a very productive meeting at the Ministry of Culture today. We met with Mr. Abass Abdulrazad Akbar, the General Manager of Art and Culture and made amazing strides in terms of finalizing the venue and collaborating with the ministry.

Mr. Nabil Musa, the Iraq Upper Tigris Waterkeeper went over recent projects he has taken part of this past year including producing a short-film on Iraq’s vulnerable waterways and Climate Action Day. We discussed the possibility of having condensed festivals in local villages and conducting environmental-awareness workshops. Hopefully this is the beginning of a strong relationship with the Ministry of Culture and the Green Music and Arts Festival!

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Facebook Pages

26 Jan

Nabil Musa and Mama Hama, a few of the Green Music and Arts Festival organizers, during a meeting to refine the festival details.

The Facebook page and event for the Green Music and Arts Festival are up and running. Interested in learning more? ‘Like’ them to stay updated on developments.

Street Performance

27 Nov
A group of musicians and performance artists performed at a public park today in the city of sulaimani, Iraq. The group of musicians consisted of Iraqi and and an American musician. They sang a variety of songs, played the guitar as well as the clarinet as performers dressed in suits of garbage bags and empty bottles interacted with the crowd.
The event was organized by a number of local organizations interested in raising awareness for the importance of protecting the environment. The NGO Nature Iraq, as well as the group Sulyon and Development Now collected money from the audience to help fund an upcoming Green Arts and Music Festival in Sulaimani scheduled for mid-April, the first of its kind in Iraq. The groups involved are raising money for a media campaign to be aired in Iraq on the importance of protecting the environment.