Let’s Celebrate!

The Green Music and Arts Festival is many things: a concert, an art show, an educational experience, an awareness raiser, a community builder, a fundraiser and kickoff for a series of Public Service Announcements.

But fundamentally, it is a celebration. A celebration of the beauty and wonder of nature. A celebration of the people and organizations who are devoted to protecting and preserving the environment. A celebration of the unique and breathtaking landscape of this corner of the world: Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq.

April 20th (the Friday before Earth Day), in Sulaimani’s Azadi Park, we will celebrate.

There will be no charge for admissions, but we will be collecting donations to put towards a series of Public Service Announcements.

Join Us!


One Response to “English”

  1. Dominik von Eisenhart-Rothe February 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Hello there,

    I am based in South Africa and produce documentaries for several international television networks (mainly German & French TV as well as Al Jazeera English). Among the programmes I regularly work for are several arts & culture shows (mainly on GermanSwiss/Austrian TV). Could you send me a bit more info on your festival plans and would it be possible to produce a short film on the whole organizational side of setting the festival up a.s.o.?

    Best regards from Johannesburg

    Dominik von Eisenhart-Rothe

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