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28 Mar

Just a quick reminder that we’re accepting photos for the exhibition at the festival.  Send us your environmental photos on one of these three themes.

1. Environmental beauty in Iraq

2.Environmental problems in Iraq

3. Solutions to environmental problems in Iraq

Check out some of the photos we’ve already recieved:

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If you’re interested in some of the methods and resources of using photography in and as advocacy, the Blue Earth Alliance has some great information.


Collaboration, Conversation, Cooperation

12 Mar

Meeting with NGOs

Nature Iraq played host to a meeting of Environmental NGOs based in Sulaimani last Thursday.

The meeting provided both a time for much-needed conversation about the issues facing this area, and an opportunity for these organizations to get involved with the Green Festival.  While we didn’t manage to solve all of Kurdistan’s environmental issues (yet), we did manage to get at least two additional exhibitors for the Green Festival: the Green Kurdistan Association and Green Environment.