Get Excited

19 Feb

Because we clearly are.

In other news, the Sulaimani-based news website Awat has published an editorial by Festival planner Kevin Johnstone detailing what we’re doing and why.  Check it out.



One Response to “Get Excited”

  1. jwan April 17, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    I am like an agricultural enginer like to say that agriculture in all of its department helpe in serve the inveroment we must not forget the gardens insid and out sides its the degrees of the progress of the countries in the world in Kurdistan the weather effected by many chemicals and the dirty gazes of the cares and unhealthy used of different inspectes of life so the high leavel of disiezes improv this fact the mainly reason is war and not take care of the agriculture and ascientific staf all the agricultural enginers works today in another departments in this day iwould like to anounced for all the people spesiely agricultural eingineers to work seiously by the help of the government to change this sitution and I am like an agricultural einginer works in sul international airpot working to joine how its asmol numbers by making insid gardine in tranzet department and few numbers of house plantes in different partes of the terminales to prepare a healthy weather for the passingers spesialy the sick people whom they travel from sulaimaniya international airport inspite of the beauty sight to serve the travellers in sulaimaniya international airport

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